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You want subclasses in any package to have access to members of a superclass. Which is the most restrictive access that accomplishes this objective?

What is Truncation is Java?

Which constructs an anonymous inner class instance?

JAR stands for?

Which of these packages contains the exception Stackoverflow in Java?

Which is a valid keyword in java?

What would be the signature of a method myfunc() that :

1. Has a double array as a formal parameter 

2. Returns an array of integers.

Which of the following is correct way of importing an entire package ‘pkg’?

 What is the output of this program?

 class booloperators {
        public static void main(String args[]) 
            boolean var1 = true;
        boolean var2 = false;
        System.out.println((var2 & var2));

Which of these methods can be used to obtain the reference to the container that generated a ContainerEvent?

Which two of the following methods are defined in class Thread?

  1. start()
  2. wait()
  3. notify()
  4. run()
  5. terminate()

Which of these is an incorrect Statement?

Which of this access specifies can be used for a class so that its members can be accessed by a different class in the same package?

Which of these occupy first 0 to 127 in Unicode character set used for characters in Java?

If an expression contains double, int, float, long, then whole expression will promoted into which of these data types?


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