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You need to store elements in a collection that guarantees that no duplicates are stored and all elements can be accessed in natural order. Which interface provides that capability?

What are the pillars of OOPS concept?

What will this code print?
int arr[] = new int [5];

If an expression contains double, int, float, long, then whole expression will promoted into which of these data types?

What is Truncation is Java?

Which of the following package stores all the standard java classes?

How can we create an unsigned int variable in Java?

Which constructs an anonymous inner class instance?

Which three are valid method signatures in an interface?

  1. private int getArea();
  2. public float getVol(float x);
  3. public void main(String [] args);
  4. public static void main(String [] args);
  5. boolean setFlag(Boolean [] test);

What is the value stored in x in following lines of code?
int x, y, z;
x = 0;
y = 1;
x = y = z = 8;

Which class does not override the equals() and hashCode() methods, inheriting them directly from class Object?

Which of the following are Java reserved words?

  1. run
  2. import
  3. default
  4. implement

Which statement is true about a static nested class?

Which of these is returned by operators &, ?

Which is a valid keyword in java?


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