5G changes how we work, play, and collaborate

The age of 5G has arrived, and we're just beginning to see the true potential of 5G revolutionizing how we communicate, collaborate, work, play ? essentially how we live in the digital age. With unheard of download speeds and extremely low latency, this next generation of wireless technology is purpose-built to make download lags, streaming glitches, and the dreaded mid-meeting face freeze relics of the past. 

In the first article in this series, we turned to experts at Qualcomm Technologies ? the inventor of foundational technologies for 5G ? to explain these new capabilities and why they're so exciting. Now it's time to geek out about some amazing experiences that 5G experts envision, and to speculate on the exciting future scenarios that we'll owe to 5G.   

Image: Qualcomm Technologies

One of the game-changers of 5G is its extraordinarily low latency, or the time between data request and delivery. This means virtually instant cloud access designed to unleash a new wave of real-time experiences that allow  us to collaborate like never before. 

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