Stockfighter is a game that puts your programming skills to the test

Stockfighter is designed to challenge programmers of all levels.

Built in the style of a classic 'Capture the Flag? game, it gives you access to a virtual trading market where you have to write code to solve the puzzles you're presented with.

These challenges span software security, distributed systems, high-frequency trading, and low-level systems programming.

The levels start off easy and are solvable in a few minutes, but as you progress, they become more difficult and time consuming.

The game is divided into two distinct parts ? Trading and Jailbreak. In the Trading levels, you have to write code into a HTTP API to control the trading strategies of your virtual market. For the Jailbreak levels, you have to figure out and manipulate assembly code, which lets you gain control of a device that you can use to compromise the market.

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