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Actor known for 'Twin Peaks' and 'Parks and Recreation' dead at 56

Actor Brent Briscoe ' known best for his role as JJ of JJ's Diner fame on Parks and Recreation ? die...

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5 super spooky Halloween sex toys

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by getting freaky'

There's already a ...

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Antisocial media'

As Facebook finds itself publicly on the hook for enabling Russian agents to spread divisive propaga...

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Stop what you are doing and watch Nathan for You's brilliant Uber episode right'now

If you have not yet had the pleasure of being introduced to Nathan for You, you're in for a treat! T...

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Kit Harington knows he messed up with his male sexism talk: 'I was wrong.'

Kit Harington has clarified comments he made in 2016 about his experience with "sexism" as a male ac...

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Redesigning the TechCrunch'app

Angela Medina is a product designer who led the redesign of TechCrunch's mobile apps. She's now base...

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Please enjoy this wholesome video of zoo animals eating pumpkins

For those feeling particularly world weary this week, consider this palate cleanser: the animal resi...

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GitHub's scandalized ex-CEO returns with'Chatterbug

Translation earbuds might eliminate some utilitarian reasons to know a language, but if you want to ...

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OmniHub tries to fix the MacBook Pro's port shortage with magnets and'modules

Earlier this month, my five-year-old MacBook Pro finally gave up the ghost. After traveling the worl...

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It's Carrie Fisher's birthday and you can really feel the love on social media

Saturday marks Carrie Fisher's first birthday since her death last December. The Star Wars star woul...

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