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Trust us: Play this national parks audio on loop and close your eyes

Honking horns and catcalls getting you down? Not to worry, city dwellers ? the National Park Foundat...

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What's coming to Hulu this September

It has been a tough couple months for Hulu-subscribed TV lovers. First, we had the end of The Handma...

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False alarm: DNC backtracks on voter database hacking attempt claim

Whoops! One day after reports broke about a hacking attempt targeting the Democratic National Commit...

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Sony launches its robot dog Aibo, and it costs more than a MacBook Pro

Throw us a bone! Sony is bringing its robot dog to the United States, but it won't come cheap. The a...

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NFL player finds out his 'Madden' character is ugly as hell

Normally it would be a pretty cool to see yourself in a video game, but Houston Texans defensive end...

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Hey, Trump golf club, what's this cursed vegetable tube on your menu'

I would like 17-20 corns with a microgreen spliff, please.

On Monday, the Trump National Go...

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Please adopt this wonderful, incredibly high-maintenance cat

If you're looking for a low-maintenance pet, Bruno is not the cat for you. But if you're looking for...

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No, you can't just text your last will and testament to someone, court rules

Dear friends and family: If you've ever gotten a drunken text from me about one day owning my prized...

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This tabletop rom-com kicks off game night with an amazing tutorial

It's Summer Lovin? Week here at Mashable, which means things are getting steamy. In honor of the rel...

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We tried avocado chocolate toast, the new 'it' food according to at least one pop star

Like any good millennial, there are a few things I enjoy: #catsofInstagram, '90s nostalgia, and the ...

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