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'Truth isn't truth': Giuliani coins perfect phrase for the internet nightmare that is 2018

Another day, another Trump aide gaslighting the American public.

The latest: Rudy Giuliani'...

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Anki CEO: Consumer robots need personality to succeed

In case you missed it, the robots are here.

No, not the apocalyptic hordes of artificially ...

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Please adopt this wonderful, incredibly high-maintenance cat

If you're looking for a low-maintenance pet, Bruno is not the cat for you. But if you're looking for...

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Recycling in the United States is in serious trouble. How does it work'

You probably have no idea how recycling works.

Most Americans ? who recycle nearly 87 milli...

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Here's to all the TV romances that didn't make it

It's Summer Lovin? Week here at Mashable, which means things are getting steamy. In honor of the rel...

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Cat S61 review: Tough as nails but not for everyone

Here's a quick test to see whether you need a phone like the Cat S61: Do you work in construction? D...

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Dude has the worst day ever, documents it all on Snapchat

Having a bad day? Maybe this'll put things in perspective.

Reddit user u/M0shka uploaded a ...

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OnePlus in process of partnering with T-Mobile to sell its next phone in the U.S

It looks like OnePlus is finally ready to join the big leagues in the U.S. 

The darling sma...

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I'll never forgive the Oscars for snubbing 'Good Time'

There's plenty to be concerned about when it comes to the 2019 Academy Awards. (For example, the rec...

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The people have spoken and they want to eat the diseased tomb cheese

If there's one thing that unites the human race, it's the strange desire to consume things we defini...

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