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California's Mendocino Complex fire just became the largest wildfire in state history

For the second time in less than eight months, California broke its record for the largest fire in t...

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A new Palm phone might be on the horizon, and yes it is 2018

Remember Palm? Originally marketed as a smartphone better than the iPhone, running software called w...

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Elon Musk says he wants to take Tesla private. Unless he's trolling us.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in true Elon Musk fashion, took to Twitter to think out loud about his electric...

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Pearl Jam's benefit concerts will do more than just raise millions for Seattle homelessness crisis

You might know Pearl Jam as the world's most famous grunge band, or the soundtrack of your adolescen...

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This knife-wielding dog is a hilarious nightmare come true

"Rude awakening" is a major understatement for the title of this video.

From the depths of ...

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We may have a new weapon to fight dangerous superbugs (and we're gonna need it)

There is a version of the near future where antibiotic resistant bacteria become more deadly than ca...

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Eighth graders can finally see 'Eighth Grade' with rating-free screenings

A24 will screen Bo Burnham's Eighth Grade free of charge across the U.S. on August 8 ? and free of i...

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'No Man's Sky Next' is a vision realized, but that vision is not for me

For the longest time, I convinced myself that wanting to like No Man's Sky was enough. It wasn't unt...

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Poor Cat Designs' take on virtual personal shopping uses real people instead of AI

Facebook has been pushing for AI Bots to handle customer inquiries, and Apple is offering Business C...

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The 5 most obvious Apple references in Pixar films

You might already know that Pixar movies are Easter egg gold mines. The animation studio is famously...

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