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Lance Bass bought the Brady Bunch house. Yes, the NSYNC guy.

It's comforting to know that this cold and harsh 2018 isn't all bad news.

Former NSYNC supe...

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Dramatic astronaut photos show extreme fires burning in California

So far the Carr fire has scorched more than 130,000 square acres of northern California, leaving a t...

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These mascots taking mirror selfies work hard to get that bread

Twitter became slightly more tolerable when a group of mascots started a wholesome thread hyping eac...

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One of the best moments in 'Infinity War' was completely improvised

Avengers: Infinity War is such a tightly paced movie that it's hard to think about improvisation sli...

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The fall of the Maya civilization was bloody and worsened by a 200-year drought

During the fall of the Maya civilization over 1,000 years ago, kings were killed in public, captives...

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders tries and fails to explain Trump's odd comment on groceries

Has Donald Trump ever even been to a grocery store? We may never know.

At a White House pre...

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Sarah Connor is ready to take on a new Terminator in this first sequel photo

I like to imagine there's an alternate reality where The Terminator turned Linda Hamilton into the b...

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Photo of Tom Hardy as Al Capone has to be seen to be believed

Infamous mob boss Al Capone has an iconic look, and somehow Tom Hardy is nailing it perfectly.

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And now a verified 'Donald J. Trump' Twitter account is scamming crypto

President Donald J. Trump has made a lot of absurd promises over the course of his career, but free ...

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J.J. Abrams remembers Carrie Fisher as cameras roll for 'Episode IX'

Filming is officially underway on Star Wars Episode IX, with director J.J. Abrams returning to the h...

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